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Victorian cottage, 1903, restored by Redlands Conservancy in 2003.
Victorian cottage, 1903, restored by Redlands Conservancy in 2003.

We Save Old Buildings.  Not just any old house or building, but ones that meet our criteria that they may be salvageable and that their preservation will benefit the neighborhood by maintaining the historical integrity of the area. 

The Redlands Conservancy's Historic Preservation Council oversees the work of this program. The HP Council meets monthly on the first Monday of the month.  To join the Historic Preservation Council, call (909) 389-7810.


  • Advocate historic preservation at all levels: City officials, City staff, businesses and community.
  • Acquire properties for restoration projects.
  • Partner with other organizations to advocate and to conduct historic preservation projects.
  • Communicate regularly with community about historic preservation issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to building owners for adaptive reuse issues, historic designations, and guidance in applying for local incentives.
  • Present periodic programs to increase understanding about historic preservation.

Existing Programs/Projects:

Auxiliary Projects:

  • Barton School House restoration
  • Zanja Trail and Greenway
Tower at A.K. Smiley Public Library, re-built in 1998 after 1930s demolition for earthquake safety. Victorian Cottage - Restore in  2003 Marten Andersen House on the move, February, 2006. Marten Andersen House at its new location. The Terrace, an historic linear park in north Redlands: anticipated restoration, 2007.
Saved from demolition - Marten Anderson House
Saved from demolition - Mission Gables House
Saved from demolition - The Mitten Building
Saved from demolition - Barton School House
Saved from demolition - Barton House
Victorian Cottage - Restore in  2003        
Saved from demolition - 1903 Victorian cottage


We welcome your nominee for the Adaptive Reuse Award. Please call (909) 389-7810.

Conservancy Receives Save Our History Grant From HISTORY™

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