Make a Difference

Redlands Conservancy’s Volunteers ROCK! The Redlands Conservancy depends on the essential work of our volunteers – for repairing and maintaining trails, scraping paint off old buildings, organizing events and activities, and presenting our twice-yearly Trails @ 10 Series of Trail Excursions. We can’t do our work without our volunteers.

Look who’s helping now!

The family of Anna Lum came to Redlands on holiday over the Christmas season. They asked the Redlands Conservancy to give them a project they could work on while they were here. They attacked Teddy’s Trail with nine adults, five kids, and two dogs to repair the trail portions damaged during the 2009 summer fire. What a fabulous way to make a difference for the community and their own family!

Volunteer at The Redlands Conservancy Volunteer at The Redlands Conservancy
Volunteer at The Redlands ConservancyThe family of Anna Lum celebrate after a morning of trail clean-up work.

Members of “Between the Tides,” a Redlands High School environmental group, showed up during Christmas break to finish the clean-up work and pick up broken glass and other trash tossed on the street and trail. Jaime Neary, Devin Hawkins, Claireliese Kennedy, Lisa Bloom, Marina Soliman, and Marina Gayid with guidance from mom Sue Neary spent three hours getting totally grubby and picking up several bags of trash. More people making more of a difference!

Volunteer at The Redlands Conservancy Volunteer at The Redlands Conservancy
The members of Between the Tides help clean up Teddy's Trail.


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